Art @ Des Peres Hospital

Through the vision and support of Des Peres Hospital in St. Louis, Missouri, Art Saint Louis is pleased to join with the Foundry Art Centre,, and the St. Louis Artists’ Guild in presenting one of the largest collections of original, locally-made art in the St. Louis metropolitan area.

Winter 2014-Fall 2015 Visitor's Guide. Winter 2014-Fall 2015 Visitor's Guide. Art @ Des Peres Hospital is a unique endeavor to connect and inspire our community through the work of local artists and enrich the lives of hospital patients, staff and visitors. As Des Peres Hospital CEO John Grah notes, “It is well documented that art can help in the healing process. Art can take us out of the moment by giving us something else to focus on. It is our hope with this exhibit that we can create a richer environment and a more pleasant experience for our patients and guests, not to mention our employees and medical staff.”

Winter 2014-Spring 2015 Visitor's Guide. Click on the image above to view.Winter 2014-Spring 2015 Visitor's Guide. Click on the image above to view.
Incorporating an extensive amount of space on the 2nd, 3rd and 4th floors of Des Peres Hospital, this project brings together a diverse community of artists and organizations dedicated to contemporary visual art, offering a rotating exhibition of art unlike any other in our region. Our shared goals for the program are:

1) Create a dynamic, aesthetically rich and engaging environment through a multitude of artworks spanning a wide range of styles and expressions, to spark curiosity, elevate and enliven the intellectual and emotional wellbeing of hospital visitors and staff.

2) Celebrate the work of local artists and further develop their audience by creating a new outlet through which artists can impact our community.

Art @ Des Peres Hospital
Fall 2014-Spring 2015 exhibition opened November 17, 2014 and features 107 original artworks by 18 St. Louis regional artists representing the 4 partering artists' organizations. The exhibit continues through April 27, 2015 and is free and open to the public during regular Hospital visiting hours: Daily from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. 

Art @ Des Peres Hospital is made possible through support from

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Special thanks to the Regional Arts Commission of St. Louis for their assistance in developing this program.
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Featured Artists

Fall 2014-Spring 2015 Exhibition
at Des Peres Hospital:

Eldon Benz, Carbondale, IL
Annie Campbell, St. Peters, MO
David Coleman, St. Charles, MO
Michael Daft, St. Louis, MO
Charles Dana, St. Louis, MO
Carol Foster, Kirkwood, MO
Tito Gay, St. Louis, MO
Karen Glines, St. Louis, MO
Diana Hoffmann, St. Louis, MO
John Lautermilch, Bridgeton, MO
Sandy Lehmann, Maryland Heights, MO
Leah Merriman, Brentwood, MO
Megan Rieke, Kirkwood, MO
Anne Burgess Rowe, St. Louis, MO
Joseph Talbot, III, Affton, MO
Teresa Wang, Clayton, MO
Fred Waters, Madison, IL
Jody WIlliams, Creve Coeur, MO 

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